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Showcase: 56 Movie Poster Typos, Part 1



In Hollywood, graphics designers sometimes make movie posters with little more than the title, a list of who’s in it, and if they’re lucky, a short description. What happens if there is a typo in the title? The movie could be way different. For example, Dawn of the Dead is one typo away from being …Read the Rest…


Showcase/DOSFX: The Double Feature



One day, BlondeFury and Manx got together and said, “You know, there’s just not enough video game infotainment on the internet.” So they decided to do something about it. Blonde had an idea for a showcase that involved coming up with video game cheats that you always wanted but were afraid to ask for. Manx …Read the Rest…


Showcase: Tag Team Part Two: The Sequel



As The Empire Strikes Back, Wrath of Khan, and Terminator 2 showed us, sequels are ALWAYS better than the original (pay no attention to The Temple of Doom, The Matrix Reloaded, or Highlander 2 (there should have been only one)). Ahem. Anyway. Staying true to typical sequel fashion… we present Tag Team Photoshop II, The …Read the Rest…


Showcase: (un)True Facts Too!



The internet is all about the exchanging of ideas and knowledge for the greater good of humanity. That statement is about as true as the showcase you are about to see. In an ongoing effort to flood the electric tubes with misinformation, we present another round of  facebook-ready, untrue facts, created by the good readers …Read the Rest…


Showcase: Tag Team



Some of the best and most entertaining moments of all time were the results of great teams working together. There would have been no value at all to Chong, Starsky, or Turner on their own… but throw them together with Cheech, Hutch, and Hooch and you get comedy gold. We decided to apply this idea …Read the Rest…


Showcase: Insane Disney Movies We Can Expect



Walt Disney once said, “How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?!”…We think it was Walt…anyways, the Disney movies we see coming out today are mostly based on the stories of the past. So where will the future Disney movies come from? If you said China, that’s a pretty good guess…but …Read the Rest…


Showcase: Celebrity Horror Show!



Reboots and remakes abound, and as it’s the Halloween season, we decided to imagine modern celebrities in… Uhhhhh… Look, we wanted an excuse to make a bunch of celebs Halloweeny. Deal with it.


Mad(mann) Libs: Bite-Sized Edition



Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen! It’s time for another round of Mad(mann) Libs! What does that mean? Well, we take an established work of literature, create a blank template from it and ask our minions to photoshop the hell out of it and create their own unique story. This time around we attacked …Read the Rest…


Headline Smash! – 9/4/2013



It’s time for another Headline Smash, where we take two actual headlines from the day’s news and, with the help of photoshop, show you what the front page would look like if they were smashed into one.  


Mad(mann) Libs: Superhero Edition: Man of Steel, Part 2



Part 2 of Mad(mann) Libs: Superhero Edition: Man of Steel is here! Continuing where the story left off, we think, Superman continues his quest for peace and justice, not really. We took a blank template of the first Superman comic book, sliced it in two and fed it to a pack of hungry, world-renowned, photo …Read the Rest…