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DOS FX: Manhunter


We’re not all totally absorbed around here lately. Manx has been slaving over a hot keyboard for you. Yes, that’s right, while YOU’VE been gallavanting all over town grabbing Christmas presents and sitting on Santa’s lap, he’s been busting out another fine installment of his column DOS FX. Don’t you feel ashamed now? What have you done for him lately?

The guilt even got to us in the staff room. Guy’s making us look bad. We had no choice but to offer him a place on the the team so that it feels like there’s a reason he’s wasting all this time on us. Yes, that’s right, Manx has agreed to officially join the MG team. I don’t get it either, he seems to be a glutton for punishment. So bow down before your new God mod, Manx. – Mad.


DOS Effects: Manhunter Part 1

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  • #1
    12/17/2012 4:40 pm

    Oh man, can’t wait for the follow up with this one.

  • Manx
    12/18/2012 6:55 am

    Boooo! This sucks! Where’s that Dig Mann showcase.

  • #3
    12/18/2012 10:13 am

    You are the master of 8 bit dongs!


    Manx replied:

    Coincidentally, that’s what I want on my tombstone.

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