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Showcase: 56 Movie Poster Typos, Part 2



And now, the highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster article that was posted a few minutes before this one. We continue our journey through an alternate universe where our beloved classic movies are ruined, or made better, by dyslexic graphic designers. It will be up to you to decide…             …Read the Rest…


Showcase: 56 Movie Poster Typos, Part 1



In Hollywood, graphics designers sometimes make movie posters with little more than the title, a list of who’s in it, and if they’re lucky, a short description. What happens if there is a typo in the title? The movie could be way different. For example, Dawn of the Dead is one typo away from being …Read the Rest…


Showcase/DOSFX: The Double Feature



One day, BlondeFury and Manx got together and said, “You know, there’s just not enough video game infotainment on the internet.” So they decided to do something about it. Blonde had an idea for a showcase that involved coming up with video game cheats that you always wanted but were afraid to ask for. Manx …Read the Rest…