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Mad(mann) Libs: Superhero Edition: Man of Steel, Part 2



Part 2 of Mad(mann) Libs: Superhero Edition: Man of Steel is here! Continuing where the story left off, we think, Superman continues his quest for peace and justice, not really. We took a blank template of the first Superman comic book, sliced it in two and fed it to a pack of hungry, world-renowned, photo …Read the Rest…


Showcase: Timecrossed Lovers


roxanne - zam

You’ve heard of Shakespeare’s famous Starcrossed Lovers…. two people who love each other, but due to their circumstaces cannot be together. Well this showcase is about Timecrossed Lovers; couples that couldn’t possibly have existed because the two people (or characters) lived at completely different times. We unleashed our photoshoppers with this premise and found several …Read the Rest…