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Hot Topics: I want it all…and I want it now!



What do you get when you combine unlimited access with our ever increasing need for instant gratification? A new service, called Google Shopping Express that’s what. The new pilot program will provide same-day delivery of products bought online by customers in San Francisco and other areas located around the city. Google hasn’t figured out yet …Read the Rest…


Showcase: Duoccupations



Who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? We’ve seen mashups of songs, movies, tv shows, and even potatoes. But we asked you to apply that same kind of mashuppy goodness to the hardworking folks who are just trying to eke out a living every day. Here are our favorites: …Read the Rest…


Mad(mann) Libs: The Last Generation, Part 2



Before Chick Publishing unleashes its hive of lawyers on us, it’s time to see what you guys came up with for part 2 of the epic saga that is, The Last Generation. We asked you to take a template from Chick P’s timeless comic book and work your wordy,  photo manipulation magic and produce us …Read the Rest…