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Classic Children’s Stories on Steroids



Long ago, in a land far, far away, depending on your zip code, the money moguls in Hollywood decided to exploit stories that had no…what’s the phrase I’m looking for?..oh yes, residual benefactors. So it was only a matter of time before they got around to classic children’s stories, folklore and old wives tales, with …Read the Rest…


Hot Topics


Researchers at CERN confirmed that they have discovered a “Higgs Boson” — the long-sought “God particle”, by colliding Protons together at nearly the speed of light. We figure they’ll probably win the Nobel Prize for their work, but we thought the particles should also have something to mark the achievement!      


Dig Mann



What happens when you throw a Dig Dug template out to the ravenous MG ‘shoppers? Why, you get Dig Mann. That’s what. Each artist took their own unique path of destruction and it was our job to put them all together.       Written and directed by BlondeFury   Produced by madmann   Edited …Read the Rest…


Requiem For A Lucky Guy



Note: While the good folks over at Cracked remain our BFFs and soulmates (despite the restraining order), we make it a conscious effort to not BE Cracked. Therefore, as this blog post may reveal my secret identity as Christina H. when you see it’s about my cat, feel free to ignore this post entirely. Could …Read the Rest…