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Showcase: Mannhunt



My recent disappearance (chronicled here) got the regulars wondering what I’d gotten up to. Not content to simply wonder aloud in the forums, they set up a showcase of their own to try to figure out where I might be and what I might be doing. So, in the spirit of Where’s Waldo, get your …Read the Rest…


Tutorial: Beginning Color Correction



In our never-ending quest to understand all things Photoshop, one of the most-requested tutorials has been for me to break down the basics of color correction for those of you who’ve never had the opportunity to learn any part of the world of color. A better understanding of color will take your ‘shops to a …Read the Rest…


Showcase: The Internet War Effort



As your Commander, it is my responsibility to not only whip you maggots into shape, but to use the available troops where I think they can do the most good. So I took the opportunity while that weak-gened raccoon was hiding out to get some real work done. It’s a war out there, and I …Read the Rest…