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Doctor Dickwad & The Temple Of Dim



Listen, my child, and you shall hearOf the midnight ride of Paul… uh, Mad The Raccoon. Image courtesy of the Philadelphia Historical Rodent Society Hmmm, that’s not really working. Maybe I’ll just tell the story. Strap in, this is going to take awhile. It’s a little tale I’m calling… Those of you who frequent this …Read the Rest…


DOS Effects – Wing Commander



Instead of me making some crap up as I begin to get this place back on its feet, I thought we’d go with something that was… ya know.. good. So Manx was busy writing this piece up and mailing it in while I was flat on my back. He thinks I ignored him, but I …Read the Rest…


Showcase: Fictionalympics



While the real world held the Olympic Games in London, the inmates here had a competition of their own. The challenge? To chop fictional characters competing in Olympic events that they’d either be incredibly good at, or horrifically bad at. We think they’re all golden, or at least they’d turn the Olympic pool that color.