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Showcase: Lights, Camera, Easter Egg Hunt!



Movie directors love to throw things in to their films that have some significance or hidden meaning to them or their fellow directors. And they think they’re pretty clever at it too. But our inmates can be pretty creative also, so we asked them to put down the license plates and show us some Easter …Read the Rest…


Headline Smash! – 7/27/12

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It’s time for another Headline Smash, where we take two actual headlines from the day’s news and, with the help of photoshop, show you what the front page would look like if they were smashed into one.  


Showcase: Recast Away

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One job in Hollywood that nearly everyone thinks they could do better is the casting agent. Casting the right actor for each character in a movie is crucial. So we asked the inmates to show us either way, the greatest actor to play a character or the last guy who should have that role. The …Read the Rest…