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The Top 8 Times Cracked Screwed A Deserving #2 Out Of #1



Recently, site friend and user iamfry suggested that we do a Top XX of Something type article, citing the vast popularity of such lists at different sites around the web. After some soul-searching (involving a dartboard and some weird green liquor), we spotted a potential target. Those of us involved in setting up this site, …Read the Rest…


Showcase: Unlikely Before & After Ads



One of the oldest methods of showing the world the wonder of your product is to show some loser who’s been saved by your outstanding, innovative product. From weight loss to acne to balding cures, these ads are everywhere, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. We asked the inmates to take this concept …Read the Rest…


3way On The Vampire Skeletons

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It’s Monday, and that can only mean a visit with our three resident rocket scientists.This week: We venture into vampire territory. Mind your neck.


Showcase: Iron Photoshop



Time for another brand-new feature here on the MG. It’s “Iron Photoshop” time. For those of you who are familiar with the “Iron Chef” series, this should be pretty self-explanatory: We provide the ingredients, you whip us up something tasty. In this case, contestants were given five ingredients, with the requirement that at least two …Read the Rest…


Headline Smash! – 7/8/12

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It’s time for another Headline Smash, where we take two actual headlines from the day’s news and, with the help of photoshop, show you what the front page would look like if they were smashed into one.  


Welcome to Malubatown!



Okay, so Mr. Mal very wisely kept it under his hat that HIS birthday was in fact following close on the heels of my own. Obviously a ploy to attempt to get us to let it pass quietly. Yeah, that’s not happening.. So today the place has been renamed in honor of the kid, it’s …Read the Rest…