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Technique Challenge – The Shadow Knows

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Anyone who ever read Mad magazine back in the day has GOT to remember Sergio Aragones, better known to some of you as “the guy who drew the weird little pictures in the margins”. Well, once in a while, they’d get a sudden dose of intelligence and just give the guy an article of his …Read the Rest…


Famous Directors Take On The Muppets

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Ya just can’t mess with the classics. Or can you? Well, if anyone has the balls to mess with a classic, it’d be an equally famous director. Some of those guys have egos that have their own gravitational pull. We asked the crew to show us what it might be like to see Famous Directors …Read the Rest…


Insurance Company Mascots Meet Their Doom



Remember the good old days, when insurance companies hired guys who looked like… ya know, insurance agents to hawk their products? Now, instead of selling safety and security, it seems they just want to annoy us into an early grave. Since that would cost more in life insurance payoffs, I’m not sure what their master …Read the Rest…


Tutorial: Light Sources, Drop Shadows & Cast Shadows

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Take a look at this shop. I’ve seen this same problem asked about in numerous help threads thoughout the years. Pretty straightforward, simple headswap I knocked out in three minutes depicting that great religious leader Pope House The First. But something about it looks really “off”. I get this all the time, people can tell …Read the Rest…


Tutorial: Let’s Talk About Rez

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♪  Let’s talk abou rez, bay-beeeee  ♫ ♫  Let’s talk about print and screen  ♪ ♪  Let’s talk about all the different DPI your work can be  ♫ ♫  Let’s talk a-BOUT rez.  ♪ Resolution is one of those areas in which many beginning (or even more advanced) photoshoppers seem to take the Freeper Earmuff …Read the Rest…


Tutorial: Selection 101

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Photoshopping is not actually all that complicated a process. With a few basic tools and the right source images, you can produce images depicting whatever you like (whether or not they will hold up in court is another matter entirely). However, before we get to how to create anything your mind’s eye can imagine, I’d …Read the Rest…


Misleading Blog Post Title

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Now that I have the bare walls and foundation up around here and a few of you insane shoppers poking around and showing me what’s still broken, I’ve had a minute to think about the differences between the new site and the old one. Besides the fact that the new one is much more complicated …Read the Rest…


The Raccoon Manifesto

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  [This is a repost. It originally appeared on the front page news, which drops off the page after a week, never to return. I wanted to retain a copy onsite, so that's the reason for the repost.] Alright. So…. For awhile now, I’ve kind of been feeling a little bit like a man without …Read the Rest…