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Crackhead Castle Corpse

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a.k.a. "The Tower Of Babbling Idiots" This style of contest is what’s known as an “Exquisite Corpse“. Participants are supplied with an image that replicates top-to-bottom and are allowed to do whatever they wish with the area in the middle, leaving the very top and bottom untouched. This allows the entries to be stacked to …Read the Rest…


Now Serving – Sarcasm & Gravy

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Okay, you’re going to need a little background to appreciate this story… Over on Cracked, we don’t use smilies, 1337, acronyms, none of that. That’s actually my preference, but as anyone who’s spent more than about three nanoseconds on the internet could tell you, you sometimes need to be able to indicate sarcasm. A user …Read the Rest…