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Mad(mann) Libs: In A World Edition



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you know that a new epic movie came out recently that is taking the world by storm. We’re talking, of course, about Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. But even we wouldn’t dare mess with cinematic gold THAT shiny. So we lowered our …Read the Rest…


Showcase: Shopnado!!



Not everything on this site is carefully planned by committees, subcommittees and domcommittees. Sometimes art happens the good old-fashioned way: organically. Some member will make a joke, and it catches on like gangbusters. Such is the case with Shopnado. BlondeFury coughed up a riff on Sharknado, and it turned out to be contagious…       …Read the Rest…


Showcase: (un)True Facts III



“Knowledge for the people…give them a light, and they’ll follow it anywhere.”  – some guy. Welcome to another round of (un)True Facts. We gave the lurkers of a mission, if they chose to accept it, to play devil’s advocate to all that useful and accurate information floating around the internet. Get your social media …Read the Rest…


The Spoilering: Batman V Superman



When found out visionary director Zack Snyder was screening his latest film, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, for some Hollywood execs, we knew we had to crash the party. BlondeFury, maluba and Manx hopped the Warner Bros. Studio fence, sneaked past dozens of armed guards and made their way to the showing. They …Read the Rest…


Modern Man’s Life



If  you’ve  never seen a copy of Man’s Life before, then let’s just say that besides taking down Nazis and keeping a nuclear USSR at bay, the Greatest Generation must also be known for producing some of the manliest pulp fiction that has ever been. This magazine usually involved men face-punching their way through nature. …Read the Rest…


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Tutorial: Beginning Color Correction



In our never-ending quest to understand all things Photoshop, one of the most-requested tutorials has been for me to break down the basics of color correction for those of you who’ve never had the opportunity to learn any part of the world of color. A better understanding of color will take your ‘shops to a …Read the Rest…


Photoshop As A Weapon: Episode 1 – The Headswap



Oh boy….you’ve had it now. The Commander’s here, and he’s NOT looking very happy. If you’d like to learn Photoshop, but you’re the kind of person who needs whipped into shape, boy, did you come to the right place.


Tutorial: Light Sources, Drop Shadows & Cast Shadows

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Take a look at this shop. I’ve seen this same problem asked about in numerous help threads thoughout the years. Pretty straightforward, simple headswap I knocked out in three minutes depicting that great religious leader Pope House The First. But something about it looks really “off”. I get this all the time, people can tell …Read the Rest…


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Requiem For A Lucky Guy



Note: While the good folks over at Cracked remain our BFFs and soulmates (despite the restraining order), we make it a conscious effort to not BE Cracked. Therefore, as this blog post may reveal my secret identity as Christina H. when you see it’s about my cat, feel free to ignore this post entirely. Could …Read the Rest…


Doctor Dickwad & The Temple Of Dim



Listen, my child, and you shall hearOf the midnight ride of Paul… uh, Mad The Raccoon. Image courtesy of the Philadelphia Historical Rodent Society Hmmm, that’s not really working. Maybe I’ll just tell the story. Strap in, this is going to take awhile. It’s a little tale I’m calling… Those of you who frequent this …Read the Rest…


“Unlikely” & “Improbable”



My entire existence can be classed as a bunch of components  best described as “unlikely” or “improbable”.  I’m a blue-eyed Indian. I watched my grandmother graduate from high school, and I was best man at my parents’ wedding. I’m balding, yet I have more hair on my head than most women I meet (Yes, I …Read the Rest…